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“Psychic Detective Yakumo” Explores the Depth of Human Emotions | #BitesizeAnimeReviews

It’s easy to succumb to hatred and madness, especially if it seems like everything and everyone in the universe conspires against you. But even in the abyss, you’ll find someone holding a torch for you to illuminate your way out of the dark. Your friends and loved ones; if you keep them at your hands’ reach, you’ll realize there are people whom you can share your troubles with. If your burden becomes too heavy, they will always be there to help you carry it or at least remind you to take your well-deserved rest.

The mystery-detective genre tends to stay away from supernatural phenomena because they dilute the story. There are some anime shows, though, that explore the marriage between the two opposing genres, and Psychic Detective Yakumo is one of the few that did an excellent job.

Story-wise, the anime is pretty intriguing as it tries to solve mini-mysteries that are apparently a part of a larger one at the end. Tidbits of the whole picture are given every episode, which creates a really thrilling effect; you’ll have no choice but to click that “next episode” button if you want to see more of what’s in store.

The characters, however, are pretty bland. Apart from the main character and the heroine, along with the main villain, no one is really that interesting. Everyone is just the epitome of what a side character is supposed to be, which isn’t that bad when looked upon from one perspective. The contrast between the protagonists and the main villain is quite mind-boggling, no matter how obvious it is. One of them is consumed by hatred for whatever reason; the other, however, grew up to be compassionate and calm no matter what kind of disheartening event occurs.

It might seem like the villain, at one point, is just a sadistic animal who’d go miles and beyond just to sow fear and cause despair to his target. But there’s more to him than what meets the eye. Meanwhile, it really felt like the main character is just another stoic individual with no other personality than trying to act and look “cool.” The way he developed in the latter episodes, however, made up for what he lacked in the beginning.

It’s a really good anime. Highly recommended! #

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