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“Ganbare Douki-chan”: Confessing Your Love Isn’t That Easy | #BitesizeAnimeReviews

People fall in love the same way they fall asleep: gradually and slowly and then all at once. At times the boundary between the dream and reality is blurred out, too. The fluffy feelings in the chest feel so intense that it seems like they’re about to burst out any time, but then those sweet sensations turn bitter and sour when problems arise. After all, falling in love is easy, but saying it outright isn’t!

Douki-chan fell in love with her colleague, but he was too dense to notice it.

The anime chronicles Douki-chan’s story. She is in love with her coworker, and it seems like he harbors the same feelings for her. The two of them kept on sending mixed signals with each other until Douki-chan thought she should make the first move. It was a bit too late, though. Their kouhai entered the scene and was head over heels with the same guy. And before Douki-chan knows it, another senpai joins the crowd only to make it harder for her to find the right timing to confess her feelings.

Wise words from the dai-senpai!

I love these kinds of anime. You know it’ll end with them happily being together, but the question is when and how. Each episode is only five to six minutes long (including the ending song); even so, they manage to give us the thrill we’re waiting for. There’s the anticipation of whether this would be the day for them to be together, along with a nigh Pavlovian response of “here we go again” when her confession is cut off.

Senpai - Ganbare Douki-chan
Douki-chan and her colleague are quite close . . . too close to be just friends, actually!

Ah, well. I hope there’s another season because we need to see them finally living happily together! But before that happens, our message is indeed Ganbare, Douki-chan! #

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