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“Sekaiichi” Showcases How Hard It Is To Balance Work and Personal Life | #BitesizeAnimeReviews

The manga industry is an unforgiving place. People are expected to meet unrealistic deadlines while delivering the highest quality of work. This toxic workplace, however, breeds the best of the best, especially among authors, editors, and other staff. Sekaiichi is an anime that touches on the harsh environments that people who work on manga thrive in.

Kisa - Sekaiichi
Self-doubt is very common among people in the creative industry.

Onodera used to be a literary editor for a popular publishing house, but certain circumstances led him to quit his job and transfer to another workplace. Due to a mix-up in the process, he ended up becoming an editor for shoujo manga where he met the hardest-working people he’s ever seen. What’s more, is that he later learned that his new boss is his ex!

The new environment feels totally different; his workplace is messy and unorganized, and he no longer gets the time to spend for himself. However, since everybody is in the quagmire, he felt he has no choice but to simply push through and prove that he can do it, too. Since it’s a yaoi anime, Sekaiichi focused on the “love” aspect of the story, but it wasn’t lacking when it discussed how hard it is to balance work and life in the industry.

Onodera isn’t the only one who’s having a hard time. His workmates and colleagues are dealing with the same problems, too. But there’s something that keeps them going. The smiles of the people who read their work are enough to reignite their passion. More than that, the endless gratitude they get from people who appreciate their work is something that warms their hearts and refuels their desire to keep going no matter how hard it is! #

Takano x Onodera - Sekaiichi
Onodera and Takano are trying to reignite the spark of their long-lost love.

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