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#BitesizeAnimeReviews | Vatican Kiseki Chousakan: Miracles Do Happen Every Day

Miracles are miracles because they happen very rarely and they cannot be explained unless accepting Divine intervention as fact. Life itself is a miracle; the breath of life given to humans by the Supreme Being long before extends for many generations and for tens of thousands of years. Like life, death is a miracle, as well; no one can explain why it happens, no one knows when it will come, and no one has an idea of what happens when it does. The thing about miracles is that it isn’t true that they happen rarely. Miracles do happen every day; they are miracles because you believe they’re miracles.

In this anime, Fathers Hiraga and Roberto have to be skeptical of miracles. As miracle investigators from the Vatican, they have no choice but to try and disprove any miracle claims around the world. They’ve been in search of real miracles all their lives that they almost never had to chance to witness the real ones right under their noses. But when they finally realized it, they really felt like the Heavens blessed them, and they learned that miracles are miracles because someone believes them to be so.

Hiraga and Roberto - Vatican Miracle Examiner
Fathers Hiraga and Roberto know miracles are real, and now, they’ve just witnessed one for themselves.

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan might fall under the mystery/detective genre, and it totally delivers what it promised. The arcs were sort of exciting and intriguing. Of course, there might be some minor unexplained details, but they can be brushed off if you’re just watching for sheer enjoyment.

Have you seen this anime, too? Tell us your thoughts about it, and let’s have a discussion! #

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