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Nagasarete Airantou: With Love, Nothing Is Absolutely Impossible

Love conquers all because it’s selfish and unforgiving.

It’s said that love blossoms even in the weirdest places, and Ikuto and Suzu seem to have proven just that. After running away from hom, Ikuto drifted off a totally remote island that isn’t even on the map. He later learned that he’s currently the only man there, and that everyone in it (or at least those girls that are around his age) are adamant in marrying him. However, it’s obvious that his heart belongs to Suzu, the girl who welcomed him to her home. In a way, Ikuto and Suzu are very much alike. They were alone, so they found solace in each other’s company. Suzu lost her parents at a young age, while Ikuto simply decided to live his toxic family behind.

This anime has not shortage of wholesome moments to cry about.

The anime has plenty of wholesome moments. What seem like simple gestures to one person can mean a lot to another. In the earlier episodes, Ikuto and Suzu were just helping around in the village, but everyone totally appreciated their assistance. In another moment, Suzu was sad because she misses her mother whenever it rains, but her friends pretended to have lost their way and coincidentally ended up in her house. Even their pet pig named Tonkatsu got his time to shine. Tonkatsu had been Suzu’s bestfriend before Ikuto came, and in one episode, she invited everyone in the village to celebrate Tonkatsu’s birthday. Who would have thought that the birthday of a pig could make an adult like me cry?!

Everyone has their own unique and quirky side.

The characters are pretty much lovable! Some of them have an annoying side in them, like how Ayane always confronts Suzu for whatever reason and how Chikage often goes overboard with her pranks. But all of them show love in unique ways. They’re young and playful, so even though they might get on each other’s nerves from time to time, the day won’t end without them just laughing on what happened.

The island is unique, and most of the animals there are sentient and can hold human conversations. Of course, they’re all cute (even though they’re exceptionally large). Like any other character in the anime, the animals play a major role in welcoming Ikuto to the island and making him feel less like an outsider.

Love made all things possible.

Ikuto hates the phrase “absolutely impossible,” and for him, never giving up is the key to achieving one’s goals. Like in any other anime, conflicts start as the story progresses, and it happened quite late here. Ikuto wanted to leave the island to see and save his sister, and no one (except Suzu) supported his decision. But Suzu loves Ikuto dearly, and she’s willing to get hurt just to give Ikuto the peace of mind that he deserves. Even so, I’m glad that they reunite pretty soon. Suzu believed that Ikuto would come back safe, and he totally did! The two of them love each other. That’s for sure. They just haven’t said those words yet. But do they really need a confession from each other when their words, action, and affection already say so?

This is supposed to be a harem anime, but it’s obvious who the winner will be.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this anime. It’s a breath of fresh air, and I totally recommend it to anyone who’s just looking to have some good time. No unnecessary drama, just wholesome all throughout. It’s quite long at 26 episodes, but the journey towards the end had been totally worth it. #

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