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#NationalCatDay | Anime Characters Who Can Turn Into Cats

Japan celebrates National Cat Day on 22 February every year. The date is significant because the number 2 is pronounced as “ni” in their language, which sounds a lot like “nyan,” an onomatopoeia for cute cat noises. Today is extremely special because it’s 22-02-2022, or Nyan-Nyan-Nyan-Nyan-Nyan Day! What’s more?! 2022 is the Year of the Tiger!!

To celebrate this once in a lifetime occasion, here are some of the most memorable anime characters who can turn into cats:

1. Kyo – Fruits Basket

Kyo - Fruits Basket
Kyo, like some members of the Sohma family, is cursed to turn into an animal if she receives a hug from the opposite sex.

2. Yoruichi – Bleach

Yoruichi - Bleach
When she was introduced in the series, Yoruichi was a black cat with a male voice. A lot of anime watchers were surprised when she turned back into the cold-blooded but hot-bodied shinigami.

3. Witch Blair – Soul Eater

Witch Blair - Soul Eater
Witch Blair is a minor character in Soul Eater, and one of this powers is turning herself into a cat at will.

4. Kuroo – Servamp

Kuroo - Servamp
Kuroo’s cat and human form have many things in common – above all, they’re both lazy but cute.

5. Atsushi – Bungou Stray Dogs

Atsushi Cute - Bungou Stay Dogs
Tigers are cats, too! And Atsushi, the main character of Bungou Stray Dogs, can turn himself into an immortal tiger when he’s in a pinch.

Bonus: Komi-san – Komi Can’t Communicate

Komi Cat Ears - Komi-san
This isn’t a fantasy anime, so there are no humans who can actually turn into cats here. But the titular character is cute as hell . . . and she grows cat ears when she feels excited!

So, who’s your favorite anime character who can turn themselves into a cat. Comment down below and let’s have a discussion. Also, did we miss anyone?! Feel free to add to our list! #

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