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“Majimoji Rurumo”: Can Magic Really Solve Everything?! | #BitesizeAnimeReviews

Would you die for the sake of someone you love?!

It’s a hard question to answer, and frankly, this anime just raised it but never offered a solution. Rurumo, all of a sudden, came to Shibaki even though they’re strangers, but that meeting changed their lives forever.

Rurumo is a trainee witch, while Shibaki is a human. Shibaki has to “wish” for Rurumo to use her magic, but every time he does, his life span shortens. The sad thing, however, is only Shibaki is aware of this grave consequence; Rurumo is left out in the dark, thinking from the back of her mind that no one actually wants to help her.

It’s a really sad story covered by many layers of comedy and ecchi; it’s not the first anime to do this kind of setup, but I always love to see shows like this. The ending, of course, is a little vague, but for sure, many adventures await for Rurumo, Shibaki, and their friends outside of the story told by the anime. They’re living their lives, and taking it really slowly – and there’s honestly nothing better than that!

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