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“The Faraway Paladin” Shows How Kindness Can Bring You to the Farthest Places | #BitesizeAnimeReviews

Everyone has regrets: some made mistakes and feel they should have done it, some achieved greatness and feel they should have done more, some only regretted their whole lives and feel like they should have done better things instead.

In the beginning, it was just Will and his foster family, Mary, Blood, and Gus. All of them have regrets in their past lives, but living for many years has taught them it’s okay to forgive themselves, too. They led a peaceful life, until some of them passed on, one was left in their abode, and one went on a journey alone. Friends and family – naturally – separate, but the fact that they loved each other remains forever.

Will started his adventures and met with many people, befriended some of them, and inspired quite a lot to become better. He saved some of them from surefire harm, too. What’s more important, however, is he showed everyone he met – no matter if they look like a friend or foe – unrivaled kindness. And I think that’s what makes this anime so beautiful.

Will and Menel started off as unusual friends and then rivals and then lifelong partners. Their adventures were filled with them just saving people and befriending them. They know everyone is naturally kind at heart, but there are just some who are forced to do bad deeds. Because of inequality, because of poverty, because of other causes that are beyond their control. If you’re on a journey, you’re bound to meet a lot of nice people, especially if you’re one of them.

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