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“Ansatsu Kizoku” Reveals the Strongest Weapon an Assassin Can Wield: Humanity | #BitesizeAnimeReviews

In many anime shows, assassins are painted as ruthless and emotionless “machines.” They are people without humanity, and they’re no better than a tool with a bit of intellect. That notion was completely overthrown in this anime because, apparently, the human heart is one of the strongest weapons an assassin can wield.

In his past life, Lugh was an assassin who suppressed all his emotions and only followed orders right on the dot. He did a great job until his retirement and eventual assassination by his former bosses. Now given the rare chance to be reincarnated as an assassin again, he knows he couldn’t make the same mistake twice. This time, he will kill not because he is ordered to. Instead, he will kill only if it benefits him and everyone dear to him.

Life as an assassin is tough, but it gets lighter because he’s now surrounded by people he can trust: his father who taught him half of his new-world skills, his mother who loves him unconditionally, and his “servants” and “sisters” who respect him more than anything.

I thought the first part was a little slow and the last episode rushed. But all is well in the end. He “failed” his mission, but he saved his dear friend and supposed lover. There was a cliffhanger, too, which hints at the possibility of a second season, so it’s even more exciting now! #

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