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“Tales of Luminaria” Shows a Fierce Battle Between Estranged Bestfriends | #BitesizeAnimeReviews

There are as many definitions of “justice” as there are people. But at times, you’ll find two individuals who define “justice” the same way but act on it differently.

For estranged friends Leo and Hugo, justice only means protecting the people who are dear to them. But those people are at odds with each other, and so even though they used to be friends, they have to clash swords to prove their own sense of justice and protect those who they love.

From a certain perspective, Hugo might be the wrong guy here. He follows August, a tyrant who never bats an eye about killing innocent civilians for the sake of his goals. But Leo wasn’t entirely right either. His actions were noble, it’s true, but the consequences of what he does also imperils the lives of others. When he shut the pillar down, you could only wonder how many lives were harmed when they suddenly lost the mana pool they strongly depend on.

This is why I love this anime. There’s very much room for Leo and Hugo to grow. They’re young and pretty immature and narrow-minded, but soon, their experiences will teach them how to do the right thing . . . or at least I hope that’s what would happen. #

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