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“Himegoto”: You’ll Feel Bad for Enjoying It! | #BitesizeAnimeReviews

It ticks quite a lot of red flags for a comedy show, but you’ll really be entertained if you shut your mind off for a minute and just laugh at what’s happening. This indeed is one of those shows you’ll feel so bad for enjoying!

Hime-kun was drowning in debt, but his newfound rich friends at the student council decided to pay everything off for him. But here’s the catch: he should join the student council, too, and pretend to be a girl the whole time. And then the rest is a collection of all the weird things she must live through, including winning a girls’ pageant and meeting with other crossdressers.

It was fun in its own right, especially if you’re a self-proclaimed degenerate. Or maybe even if you haven’t admitted to it yet! #

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