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“Sora no Woto” Will Shower You With the Amazing Grace! | #BitesizeAnimeReviews

She donned her small trumpet and blew on it as if her life depended on it. Because it really did. The instrument was meek and humble, but its size isn’t determined not by the length of its body or the diameter of its horn. Rather, it’s measured by how big the sound it made when it was played.

Her trumpet was small, but it was heard a few miles over. And it healed the hearts of people from two warring nations, increasing its size significantly. And then it reached the skies and the heavens, and possibly the throne of god, who showered the world back with his amazing grace and kept everyone safe.

Kanata - Sora no Woto
She blew on her tiny instrument, but she created a circle with no beginning and no end. Like peace and like love after the war has finally reached its end.

This is a story of five young girls, who, despite their differences decided to come together. And it was their courage to challenge the norm and the system that brought peace to the lands and saved countless lives.

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