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“The Vampire Dies in No Time” Will Kill You With Laughter! | #BitesizeAnimeReviews

A few centuries ago, vampires are strong and evil creatures feared by humans, but today, they live peacefully and co-exist with their supposed prey. There are a few exceptions, though: Draluc, who’s incredibly weak that he dies (quite literally) in no time. Thanks to his good genes, he also revives in no time!

But what Draluc lacks in strength, he fills up with compassion. He’s a good vampire accepted by all humans, including hunters who are supposed to be out to slay him. He can go in and out of the Guild and chat with the hunters. His roommate is also the “great” Ronaldo! (They have a love-hate relationship, but they have to put up with it if they want to survive!)

Draluc and Ronaldo - The Vampire Dies in No Time
Draluc and Ronaldo always bicker, but they sure care for each other . . . or not?!

This anime is so random and funny! Everything just happens out of the blue, which eventually leads to Draluc’s death, among other adventures and misadventures! I’m glad I’ve finished this on the first day of 2022. I feel like the whole year is gonna be all fun because I was laughing so hard at this the whole time. #

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