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“Komi-san” Teaches Us To Be Compassionate and Supportive | #BitesizeAnimeReviews

I’m capping my 2021 with this anime, and it couldn’t have been better. It’s refreshing and really heartwarming! More than that, though, it hits a little too close to home, too. I don’t have the same condition as Komi-san, but I totally get how hard it is when you are misunderstood just because you are quiet.

I’ve always been the quiet kid in class, and I’m so glad that my classmates have always been accommodating and supportive of me. They don’t force me to do things I’m uncomfy with, but they always encourage me to try out new stuff. The pool, arcade, cinema, mall, friends’ houses, and all – those are the places I wouldn’t even dare go to, but they’ve always been there to accompany me so I don’t feel shy around others.

Komi-san anime offers a fresh perspective on people with communication issues. It’s so great that in every episode, they remind us that people with communication problems aren’t cold or antisocial – they want to be close to others, but they simply don’t know how to start a conversation and effectively communicate their feelings. More than anything, the anime tells us to be supportive and accommodating of people with communication problems by making the first move and not judging them.

I’m definitely gonna miss the weekly adventures (and misadventures) of Komi-san and the gang. But I’m glad that a second season is on its way! #

Komi-san, Tadano, and Najimi
Komi-san’s first friends were Tadano and Najimi!

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