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“The Door Into Summer” Merges Drama and Sci-Fi Quite Well | #BitesizeDramaReviews

Winter comes in a flash but takes its time to end. The biting cold gives nothing but despair, but you’re lucky if you have some people to spend the winter with. Too bad, though, because the main characters of this film were a little late to realize they have each other’s arms to cling to and shoulders to cry on!

Riko and Soichiro - Door Into Summer
Soichiro and Riko listening to their theme song.

Writing about time travel can be a tricky business, but it becomes even more so if drama and other genres are added into the mix. The Door Into Summer, a movie headlined by Yamazaki Kento (from Alice in Borderland), offers a nice twist into both genres.

Pete, the cat in the movie, hates winter and always bugs his owner to find summer for him by opening all the doors at their home, but Soichiro (Yamazaki) can only do so much for him. The adamance shown by Pete to continue finding the door towards summer has become the main metaphor for everything else that happens in the film.

Sochiro never gives up and decides to travel through time just to save Riko. On the other hand, Riko is also firm in her quest to follow Soichiro even though she knows they can’t be together. Reaping the sweet sweet fruits of their labor towards the end is very nice to watch! Winter ends, and they all find the door into summer. All’s well both Soichiro and Riko (and Pete), and it seems that nothing else matters if that’s the case.

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