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“Gaworare”: Friends Will Stay Friends Even if Fate Breaks Them Apart | #BitesizeAnimeReviews

The ability to see and manipulate other people’s destinies is a great power that comes with a huge burden. Hatate Souta is an ordinary student who possesses this ability, and he used it to save his newfound friends from surefire death. In exchange, they all lost their memories, and he lived in solitude for quite a while.

But what do you know about fate? Their destinies as friends are intertwined and nothing can sever the bonds they forged – even though they’ve forgotten each other, fate brought them back together. They formed new memories as they started to cohabitate in a single school dormitory. With each other’s company, ah, Quest Hall will forever be lively!

If Her Flag Breaks
This harem is too big to fit in a normal-size photo!

It’s not every day you get to see anime shows that strike you from the start. The dramatic but wholesome ending ties everything up together, and the “complex and made even more complex” plot was very interesting to decipher. This is a highly recommended show from me, and I’m super glad to finish this on Christmas Day! #

The Quest Hall’s doors are forever open to the members of the Support Souta Club!

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