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“DOTA: Dragon’s Blood” Was Thrilling From Start to Finish | #BitesizeAnimeReviews

I love shows that blur the good and the bad, and this anime did it quite well. The only ones you can side with are the main characters, but even they are divided! It was pretty clear that Terrorblade is indeed the sadistic villain, who just wants to plunge the world into chaos.

But the characters he encountered are pretty much on the same boat, too: Selemene and the Dark Moon Order weren’t exactly that kindhearted as they try to paint themselves, while the Invoker used those poor elves (and Terrorblade himself) to fulfill his quest for revenge. Even Davion’s superior, Kaden, is quite mysterious and seemingly dangerous, too!

Ah, I hope the second season will clear out everything! Super excited for the release next month. #

Dota Dragon's Blood

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