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“Uncanny Counter” and the Neverending Mission to Eradicate Evil | #KDramaReviews

Evil proliferates everywhere, and it seems like the whole world just accepted that as a fact. But for So-mun and his colleagues at the noodle shop, evil must be captured and brought back to their place.

In their world, evil people attract evil spirits and get stronger by killing humans and eating souls. There are evil spirits who have become extremely strong because of the number of people they’ve killed. Indeed, evil just breeds even more evil. But evil people don’t exist because of evil spirits; it’s the other way around, apparently. Evil spirits exist because there are evil people who are willing to be hosts.

In the series, there were plenty of people who committed the most atrocious acts even without the help of spirits. The bullies at school just felt good by beating up others, while the capitalists and corrupt politicians didn’t even think twice about destroying the lives of the poor.

This K-drama was exceptional in everything, though. The fight scenes and dramatic moments were to look forward to, while the story is something you don’t encounter every day. If there’s one thing this series teaches the viewers, it’s the fact that you cannot completely eradicate evil, but you can do a lot to help their numbers significantly decrease! That’s what So-mun, Ha-na, Miss Chu, Mo-tak, and Jang-mul do. #

Mo-tak, Ha-na, So-mun, Miss Chu, Jang-mul - Uncanny Counter

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