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“Sekai Seifuku” Conquers Both the World and Our Hearts! | #BitesizeAnimeReviews

They said the sun never sets on the British Empire; it’s so big and vast that it’s always morning in one or more of its territories. The same thing can be said with the Kingdom of Zvezda; it’s always bright and sunny in there because their members are shining brightly at each other. It’s unclear whether they’re indeed a huge organization, but they sure have a big goal on their horizon: conquer the world.

You might think that it’s too big a goal for children, but they’re resolute in achieving it. The world they currently live in is corrupt and unjust, and what they want is to conquer the hearts of everyone so they can live in peace and quiet.

Zvezda members aren’t fans of defensive battles.

It’s a political show hiding behind a curtain of fun and childishness. The military industry was denounced, and government corruption was heavily criticized. But even though it became a bit too dramatic in the middle and towards the end, it ended just as explosively as it started. It even left its viewers with a simple thought to ponder on: if you can do one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? For Jimon Asuta, the poor main character of the show, he’d definitely do something he’d never regret when he grows old. He’d do something he thinks is right! #

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