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“Yakunara Mug Cup Mo” Teaches Us How To Achieve Perfection | #BitesizeAnimeReviews

Perfection is an illusion. That thing that looks “perfect” surely hides dozens if not hundreds or thousands of mistakes behind it. The closest thing to perfection is achieved through countless hours of practice and the lack of fear to commit and rectify errors in the process.

In the end, you’ll only get to become “perfect” once you’ve let go of that concept itself and accept that perfection is both nowhere and everywhere. Himeno struggled hard to make her perfect mug that will make her late mother proud; the pressure was real, and it’s taking a toll on her health. In the end, with the help of guidance from her ever-supportive friends and family, she learned that perfection isn’t a definite place you can go to whenever you want. Rather, perfection is something you decide for yourself.

Himeno made her most perfect mug . . . or her most perfect mug yet. In her journey towards achieving greater heights, she’ll surely create better pieces that look and feel more perfect than her previous ones. But her first mug is still perfect. Because she willed it to be so! #

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