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Top 5 Most Gruesome Anime Deaths | #Anilist

Deaths in anime play almost always play an important role in the story. Sometimes, they drive the MC to be better, like Carla in Attack on Titan and Jiraiya in Naruto. In other cases, they just serve as lessons, especially when they’re villains who finally receive their comeuppance. Whatever the reason is, there are some deaths that simply are too hard to take as they’re too brutal and morbid to watch. Here are a few of the most notable examples:

Tomoe Mami – Magika Madoka

Mami Death - Magika Madoka
Mami’s death in the anime is as morbid as it is surprising.

Magika Madoka is somewhat famous for popularizing a rather uncanny genre: magical girl deconstruction. This specific genre shies away from the typical fun and fantastical mood of magical girl shows. Instead, it highlights that becoming a magical girl is anything but fun and exciting; it’s a grave responsibility! Or course, Magika Madoka pulled out all the stops to show just that, and it didn’t sugarcoat any deaths or other heavy scenes.

The turning point of the show happened in the third episode. Tomoe Mami, the senpai of most of the magical girls in the show, was brutally murdered. Her face in her last moments was devoid of any other emotions – aside from surprise and regrets – as the whimsical-looking villain eats her head away. The worst part of it is everything happened in front of her kouhai, which emphasized the fact that being a magical girl in their universe isn’t something to be happy about.

Shorter – Banana Fish

Shorter Wong Insane - Banana Fish
Shorter was Ash’s most loyal friend.

Written in the mid-1980s, Banana Fish is a rather popular manga that finally got an anime adaptation in 2018. It tells a story of the unusual friendship between Eiji, a student photographer, and Ash, a young gang leader. The whole plot revolves around a drug called “banana fish” and how its manufacturers try to line up their pockets by causing wars and controlling the economy. Both the anime and the manga featured morbid deaths of many of the characters, and among the most memorable ones was Shorter’s.

Shorter used to be Ash’s most loyal friend, but he was captured by the villains and was forced to take the drug. It had been a torturous moment for him and for his loved ones, but everything went down when the drug finally took effect. In a daze, he tried to attack Eiji, prompting Ash to shoot him from behind. Ash knew that the villains would want to experiment on Shorter, so he was forced to burn his friend’s cadaver to at least lay his body to rest.

Mike Zacharias – Attack on Titan

Mike Death - Attack on Titan
Mike was said to be the second-strongest soldier.

Attack on Titan is certainly known for being brutal. That’s why it’s not unusual to see deaths that are pretty gruesome, especially when it concerns Titans eating humans or soldiers killing Titans. In the first episode alone, Eren’s mother, Carla, dies in the most torturous way. She broke her leg when her house collapsed, preventing her to flee. But as if that’s not enough, a huge Titan appeared and chewed on her body. The worst part, however, is the fact that it isn’t the most brutal death in the whole anime. That distinction goes to Mike, a young soldier.

Said to be the second-strongest soldier (after Captain Levi himself), Mike etched her name in history for his battle prowess and bravery. Even so, his skills proved to be ineffective when he was surrounded by countless Titans in an open field. Unable to use his gear, Mike had no other choice but to pray and beg for his life until the Titans finally separate his limbs apart. In the end, he passed in a slow and agonizing way.

Sakuragi Yukari – Another

Yukari Umbrella Scene - Another
We all know what happens in the next split second after this frame.

Known as one of the most thrilling and suspenseful anime, Another never shies away from showing the most grotesque scenes. This anime is literally the epitome of perfection in storytelling, as it tries to hide a huge mystery and only unravel tiny parts of it as each episode goes. Watching this anime is like completing a huge jigsaw puzzle, but you’re clueless about what the whole picture would be once it’s done.

As a horror anime, Another portrays a number of deaths, and literally all of them are as surprising as they are brutal. However, even though there are a number of horrifying deaths here, there is nothing more iconic than what happened to Sakuragi Yukari, who happens to be the main subject for the infamous “umbrella scene.”

It was a rainy day, and the unsuspecting Yukari didn’t know it would be her last day. She got her umbrella from the rack and hurriedly went down the wet stairs. Too bad, she slipped in the next few steps and accidentally dropped her umbrella. As she fell down on the stairs, her throat hit the pointed part of her umbrella, effectively killing her in a flash.

Because of how famous this scene is, many people consider it to be the most gruesome death in all of anime, but we beg to differ. There’s a scene that’s even more brutal!

Makimura Miki – Devilman Crybaby

Miki Death - Devilman Crybaby
Miki is an innocent and loving girl, and her only “crime” is showing sympathy for others.

The 2018 hit, Devilman Crybaby, is famous for its experimental art style, confusing story, heartbreaking ending, and graphic scenes. Certainly, even though it’s on Netflix, it’s not a good idea to watch it with your family in the living room. After all, there had been a rather detailed sex scene, drug use and abuse, and a morbid massacre all in the first episode.

However, even though the anime is pretty brutal, there are wholesome aspects to it just the same. The MC, for example, is a loving and caring person who couldn’t even hurt a fly in the first few episodes. Another character, Miki, is another innocent girl, who happens to be the MC’s childhood friend. In the latter episodes, however, Miki was accused of sympathizing with the so-called devils. She and her family were pursued out of their home, but she was the one who received the most brutal punishment.

When she was finally captured by the hysterical masses, she was maimed and stabbed at the back, making her cry in pain. As if it wasn’t enough, she was tortured and decapitated, too. The next scene showed her body already cut into pieces. Her torn limbs, torso, and head were spiked on sticks and paraded around a huge bonfire, as the mob jeers in success.

Name a More Brutal Death

Do you remember a gruesome death in an anime that you watched? Tell us about it, so we can include it next time! Feel free to comment down below, so we can have a discussion. #

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