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#BitesizeAnimeReviews | “Comet Lucifer” Ends Decently But Leaves a Bit of a Bad Taste

In a nutshell, this anime poses one philosophical question: if you could sacrifice your lover to save the world, would you do it even at the expense of you spending your whole life alone? The main characters Sogo and Felia had no other choice but to let each other go and fulfill their so-called destinies. Felia, as an angel goddess for the planet, should guide the world from afar; Sogo, as a man of virtue and justice, hesitantly parted ways with her.

They love each other deeply, but it seems like the universe had other plans for them.

The anime started on an exciting note. Sogo, Felia, and Kaon (Sogo’s childhood friend) were living rather peacefully with occasional dangerous adventures brought by Felia’s pursuers. There was a bit of a love triangle with Sogo in the middle. Kaon and Sogo’s chemistry was topnotch, and it seemed like they were perfectly matched for each other. But Sogo’s heart belonged to Felia, who was innocent and bubbly.

It was all fun and games until the villains become more aggressive and powerful. In the end, Felia had to make the bitter choice of leaving everyone alone, her lover and newfound friends included. The credits were pretty heartbreaking, too. Kaon married her supposed fiance, Roman, whom she used to hate but later fell in love with. Sogo seemed to be happy, but he can’t do anything but stare at the twinkling red star in the sky, which became of Felia when she finally accepted her duties as an angel. #

From left to right: Roman (Kaon’s fiance), Otto (Roman’s butler), Kaon, Felia, Sogo, Moura (Felia’s stone guardian and protector), Do Mon (Sogo and Kaon’s father figure), and Vee (the baker).

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