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#BitesizeAnimeReviews | “Genshiken” and What It Means To Be an Otaku

To find a group that accepts you despite being “different” must be a blessing. The members of the Genshiken club are pretty unique individuals. On its facade, the circle is an otaku group composed of a hardcore anime fan, a well-versed manga reader, a closeted illustrator, a proud dressmaker, a timid cosplayer, an avid gamer, and an otaku hater. Because they have their very own quirks and distinctive personalities, it’s not too surprising for them to find disagreements and end up bickering with each other. But for some reason – maybe it’s their shared love for their humble club – they end up getting by and just laughing everything off at the end of the day.

Boy, where are you looking?!

It’s a heartwarming scene to see them argue and make up, but it’s even more touching to see them just being affectionate with each other. Kasukabe, the proud otaku hater, is always the first one to protect the group from harsh words from other clubs and the student council. Kohsaka always seems like he only cares about his girlfriend (Kasukabe) and his games, but he’s been instrumental in driving away up-to-no-good people away from joining. Ohno might look like she’s shy and introverted, but she’s willing to show her true self and be outgoing when she’s with everyone. Sasahara, despite being lackluster and talentless, accepted the offer to become the group’s leader just so they can continue to exist.

Everyone in the group is lost, but they’re all trying to get by. The group serves as their anchor; by being in Genshiken, they don’t float away like a dead fish in the sea. The doors of their club room will always be open for their senseless discussions, endless bickering, and soulful crying.

Be sure not to badmouth Genshiken in front of Kasukabe-san!

At first glance, I know I’ll definitely fall in love with this anime. It’s slow, but it’s soothing. Every episode is filled with moments that make me laugh out loud or cry my heart out. It’s not every day you get to see this kind of anime.

It’s pretty old and unpopular, but I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for some mindless binge. You can definitely just shut your brain off and enjoy what’s happening on the screen. #

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  1. oh man, i remember this series always being in the previews section of dvds. i never actually watched it but it sounds like an interesting cast of characters, that otaku hater, HOW? lol

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