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#KDramaReviews | “Hellbound” Provides a Soulful Critic of People’s Cult-like Attitude

If you know when you’re going to Hell, what would you do to spend the rest of your life on Earth? For some, they’d spend their time with their families and loved ones. Others would definitely be merry and drink themselves to their heart’s content. But Hellbound offers a more tragic take. Those who know the time when they’ll be damned for Hell would just wait anxiously and bitterly regret what they did to deserve eternal punishment.

What Are The Creatures in Hellbound & Their Significance? - OtakuKart
After the massive and totally unprecedented success of Squid Game, another Korean drama starts to make waves: Hellbound.

The webtoon-based series became an overnight success probably because it balances mystery, suspense, and drama altogether. Its premise is both simple and complicated: people are randomly selected by “angels” to be sent to Hell, but they ultimately have the last say about what they want to do in their remaining days (or hours). A cult-like religion that capitalized on these events encouraged everyone to repent on their sins before it’s too late. Meanwhile, an anarchic group rounds up those they think should go to Hell by beating them up as a form of justice.

The two of them firmly believe that God only condemns evil people, and so they try their best to make it seem that way. However, the bigger problem is anchored on the existence of both cult-like groups. Everyone had been stripped off of their rights to a peaceful death. Those who were selected to go to Hell randomly were ostracized and humiliated; even their families faced the stigma of being kin to a “sinner.”

Cults work this way, and most religions do, too. The indoctrinated members would close their minds and just do what they believe is right based on their very narrow perspective. What’s terrifying, though, is that a lot of “cults” are formed based on divisions and polarizing opinions, like during elections and other events that are supposed to call for unity but ultimately end up causing a divide instead.

Hellbound': Breaking Down the Main Characters in the Netflix K-Drama
Those who use “god” figures control people by spreading misinformation and instilling fear.

You don’t need to be a non-believer to realize that the so-called God is pretty much non-existent in this series. Or at the very least, it was made obvious that God isn’t the all-powerful and ever-merciful being everyone thought they would be. Perhaps, God appeared to the policeman who arrested the deacon who beat up an old man, or maybe through that humble cab driver who tried his best to keep the baby away from harm.

Did you watch this Netflix series, too? Feel free to tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. Let’s have a discussion! #

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