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“Arcane” | Top 3 Things Violet Did Wrong

Arcane is a pretty good anime that even if you haven’t got a clue what League of Legends is, you’ll still surely be hooked with the story. It features two sisters, Violet and Jinx, who used to be the closest but later became estranged thanks to all the hardships they encountered living in the “Undercity” and feeling oppressed all their lives.

The two of them parted ways; Violet clung to his ideals, while Jinx – who used to be called Powder – changed a lot. From afar, it would seem like Violet was the right person all along, and that Jinx was just getting too high in the head. However, even though Violet poses herself to be righteous (from the standards of people in the Undercity), she still had done a lot of mistakes that led to her and her allies’ circumstances to take a turn for the worse. Here are a few examples:

1 – Thinking Too Highly of Her Fighting Skills

Violet vs. Sevika - Arcane
Violet challenged Sevika to a duel twice and barely managed to escape both times.

It’s true that Violet was pretty adept at fighting. After all, fistfights have been her way of getting out of trouble as she grew up. The problem, however, is that every people in the Undercity is just like her who can only talk with their fists. Violet is quick to get angry and challenge people to a duel, but she barely manages to win all of them. This was evident with her fights against Sevika, one of the main villain’s most loyal servants.

Sevika and Violet were both feisty women, who would never let anything slide even if it meant to be the start of a bloody brawl. The two of them crossed fists twice, and it seemed like they were always evenly matched. Sevika was armed with the Shimmer, which is like a steroid-like substance, so she got the upper hand in the first match. Violet got herself Hextech gauntlets and challenged Sevika again, but she was still knocked down for a moment. Had it not been for the sudden burst of emotions that kept her will to live intact, she would have been dead.

2 – Trying Too Hard To Prove Herself

Violet with Powder, Claggor, and Mylo - Arcane
The whole story went rolling because Violet wanted to show Vander what she can do.

Violet and her sister were orphans, and they were taken under the wing of Vander, the most respected man and de-facto leader of the Undercity. In her quest to make her father figure proud, she – along with her friends – infiltrated the topside (Piltover) to steal. The operation eventually failed thanks to their carelessness. It’s true that Violet isn’t solely to blame, but it was her idea that put their very lives at risk for nothing.

3 – Clinging Too Much to “Powder”

Violent and Jinx - Arcane
Powder, Violet’s adorable sister, changed herself to become Jinx.

When the two sisters parted ways, the two of them underwent drastic changes. Violet seemed to have been captured and went to prison where she grew stronger, while “Powder” lived with Silco, the very man who killed Vander. With Silco’s full support, Powder’s ingenuity to create machines flourished: her mini bombs became grenades, and her slingshots became real guns. Of course, her personality changed a lot, too. She embraced a new moniker, Jinx, derived from the unfortunate events she was led to believe she caused.

When Violet and Jinx finally met again, it was far from being a heartfelt reunion. Jinx thought her sister abandoned her, and it seemed like Violet really did. After all, Violet wanted to go back to Powder, but there’s no way for that to happen. Powder is no more. What Violet should have done was to accept Jinx and lead her to the right path. She shouldn’t have forced her own ideals on her sister, and she should have stopped calling her “Powder,” which only reminds her of her old weak self.

Others Made Mistakes Too

The best thing about this show is how complex everyone is. Jinx and Violet are unsurprisingly the most fleshed-out characters, but all the other characters, including the supporting ones, are pretty much well-written, too. None of them were clearly right, and none of them were downright wrong, too. They were all just victims of the circumstances, lack of knowledge, and outbursts of emotions.

Did you watch Arcane, too? Tell us what you think about it! Use the comments section, and let’s have a discussion. #

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