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#BitesizeAnimeReviews | “Vandread” and the Meaning of Existence

Life is long, but the happiness and fun you find along the way make it seem like it’s really short. Men and women, although they’re expected to be completely different from each other, are actually quite the same. What men do, women can do, too; what women can do, men can do, too. If there are things that the other can’t do – they’re rare and far between – they can ask each other for help. Together, men and women can hold up the sky, part the clouds, and bring about a sunnier day.

Hibiki - Vandread
Hibiki thought he hated women but grew to be accustomed to them after, too.

Men and women are all just humans. They are incomplete, and they find their missing parts from other humans. One man and a woman can make a pair, but so do two women or two men. However, a gang made of many men and many women create a community . . . a happy one at that!

Dita, Pyoro, Jura - Vandread
They’re a lovely crew; they all have quirks and a few annoying traits, but that’s what makes the whole ship lively!

It’s not every day that I get to watch a fulfilling mecha anime. If not for that one annoying character, this anime would have been perfect for me. Fun and lighthearted but also action-filled and exciting, that’s what this show is. The best part is how they all learned and evolved as the story progressed. Some of them used to be incredibly sexist, but they soon realized that men and women can actually coexist and be happy together. #

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