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#BitesizeAnimeReview | For Whom the Alchemists Exist? They Exist For Thee!

The deepest darkness makes any tiny spark equally blinding. And true enough, when the world is plunged into darkness, the tiniest glimmer of hope grew significantly because people believed in it. Kasumi was thought to be a useless individual, and even after being transported to another world as a supposed overpowered Alchemist, she still struggled and learned that she wasn’t what everyone was expecting. Even so, in her naturally kind nature, she unlocked her powers and shined the brightest lights to illuminate everyone’s paths.

Everyone thought Kasumi was the Alchemist of Light, but they were all wrong.

Kasumi’s light was blinding not because she was all-powerful but because she was unique. Everyone was just trying to defeat the enemy, but not her. Rather, she tries to understand her opponents. In her heart, she knows that light and dark both exist in all people. Their enemies plunged into the darkness, and every one among her allies can fall into the same demise, too. But if people can be trapped in the dark, it means that they can also be called back to the light.

It’s a pretty good anime, even if you don’t know anything about the source material. It’s fun to watch because it’s straightforward, and there’s no complex plot to follow. Plus, the fight scenes are awesome, and the animation is incredible!

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