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#BitesizeAnimeReviews | Rinne no Lagrange: A Different Take on the Mecha Genre

The mecha genre used to be really popular in the 70s up to the early 90s. Perhaps because it was the time when people were quite optimistic about the future and the possibility of using shape-shifting robots to travel through space or protect Earth from alien invasion. That’s why shows like Mazinger Z and Voltes V became quickly rose to fame. In recent years, the popularity of mecha anime started to dwindle, and so there are very few shows in the genre made every year. If there are, it’s mostly to promote toys and video games.

Rinne no Lagrange offers a different take on the genre. Of course, the huge fighting robots are still there, and the enemies are still beings from other planets trying to invade Earth. What’s unique about this anime is how it offered a more slice-of-life vibe on the whole show.

Madoka - Rinne no Lagrange
Madoka, the main character, is a happy-go-lucky person who just wants to help others.

Madoka is an ordinary student who just happened to have the purest heart. He re-established the Jersey Club, which sole role is to help other clubs if they ever encounter problems. Pretty much, Madoka is the jack-of-all-trades who performs odd jobs for two reasons: she wants too and her friends need her to.

It seems like she’s physically incapable of ignoring requests because when she was asked to pilot a fighting robot even though she didn’t know how to, she did it. She did it spectacularly like a prodigy and like she was destined to pilot the fighting robot for real!

Madoka, Muginami, Lan - Rinne no Lagrange
The Jersey Club is always ready to help anyone in need!

Her club grew with the addition of Lan and Muginami, who happened to be robot pilots, too. They bicker and argue and make up. They have a lot of fun even though danger is always imminent. In their minds and in their hearts, they’re ready to face any kind of danger just to keep their friends and loved ones safe. After all, the three of them know how painful it was to lose someone, and they cannot let any of the people they know to experience that kind of pain.

Spoiler: The anime ended on a sad but hopeful note. Wherever the three of them may be, the town of Kamogawa and the Jersey Club room will always be open to welcome all of them! And of course, the Jersey Club will always be at your service! #

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