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“Uzamaid” and the Art of Moving On

A lot of slice-of-life anime put deep meanings into their comedic moments, and Uzamaid is definitely one of them. From its facade, the anime seems like any other comedy show that focuses on how to make the audiences laugh through slapstick jokes or exaggerated visuals. However, even right from the first episode, it was apparent that this series is more packs a lot of things more than simple comedy: the mystery behind Misha’s secret room, the fact that Misha calls her dad by her first name, and the reason for Kamoi’s dispatch from the Army.

Kamoi and Misha - Uzamaid
The anime’s premise is simple: it’s a maid and her young mistress.

Granted that Kamoi, the maid, makes plenty of unnecessary jokes about marriage and adult life, some of which are borderline perverted. However, Misha’s unique and mature personality makes up for what Kamoi lacks. The two of them make a great combo. Kamoi is immature at times, while Misha feels more adult, but they exchange roles when needed. Misha would often get into trouble, and Kamoi helps her out as expected from an adult maid.

Their lives become even more chaotic with the addition of other characters. Midorin, another soldier-turned-maid, was even more perverted and immature than Kamoi. Washiwashi, Misha’s first friend, looks serious but is actually pretty dumb at times, too. And finally, Morikawa, whose brain is filled with air and the strong desire to prove that she’s better. The three of them eventually became best friends with Kamoi and Misha.

Misha Uzamaid
Misha and Kamoi look “okay,” but they’re both lonely.

Misha and Kamoi have a lot in common, and their similarities became more apparent in the last few episodes. Misha lost her mother and couldn’t move on. She turned her mother’s studio into her “secret room,” believing that her mother’s presence is still in there. Her ever-supportive stepdad, Yasuhiro, allows her to do that because he thinks it’s the best way for her to cope with her loss.

When she was young, Kamoi also lost her father that she loved so dearly. Her mother, who couldn’t find the right words at that time, told her that her father was flying in heaven. It sparked Kamoi’s desire to be a pilot; she knew her father was dead while growing up, but she still became a pilot just to confirm.

Misha and Kamoi bicker a lot, particularly because Kamoi antics always piss off Misha. But they opened their hearts for each other and started healing for the loss of their loved ones. It was especially hard for Misha because she was young, and so Kamoi and Yasuhiro are there to guide and comfort her when needed.

Midorin, Misha, Kamoi - Uzamaid
For an anime about maids and mistresses, it was pretty fun and wholesome!

Moving on from a lost loved one takes a great deal of time and courage. There’s no definite way of doing it; we just have to do what we need to do to cope with the situation. Sometimes, having someone to talk to, especially a person who has undergone the same path, definitely helps.

Have you seen Uzamaid too? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section, and let’s have a discussion. #

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