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“Dea5”: Life Is Nothing But an Interesting Game!

The thing about life is it isn’t fair for everyone. There are people born rich or strong, just as there are people who are born poor and unhealthy. But for Akira, life’s unfairness is what makes it both boring and fun. By thinking that life is nothing but a game, he was able to survive the greatest ordeal he had faced thus far and was later invited to play a survival game with strangers.

Akira Battle Game in 5 Seconds
If it’s a card game, Akira must have drawn out a joker.

All the participants were given an “ability,” and most of them are formidable. Some can turn sticks into swords or arrows, while others can increase their strength five-fold. Akira lucked out in the lottery of abilities. His ability changes based on his opponents; it’s a double-edged sword, but with his intellect and wit, he was able to master and draw out its fullest potential. Even though their abilities differ, the survival game is mostly a leveled playing field. As long as they’re crafty and creative, they can make the best out of any simple ability that they have.

Oogami and Yuuri - Battle Game in 5 Seconds
The most interesting matchup is between two people with similar abilities.

It’s unclear how people’s abilities are chosen, but it’s hinted that it’s based on their personalities and past lives. Kirisaki trained in kendo, so he got a sword-based ability. Kumagiri was a wrestler, so he obtained a strength-amplifying ability. There are people who were given the same abilities, of course, but the two most prominent ones are Yuuri and Oogami. Both of them can quintuple their physical strengths possibly because of their strong desire to protect others. And of course, an explosively interesting battle ensued when the two of them faced off.

But their match was more than a test of their strengths but their principles. Both of them grew up facing the harshest ordeals in life. Ye who fight monsters, beware. Lest ye become a monster, as well. It’s a battle between two people who faced monsters. One of them became a monster himself, while the other struggled to remain human. Oogami’s choice was to tough it out and become a monster, while Yuuri chose to soften her heart and become more human than before.

Akira and Yuuri - Battle Game in 5 Seconds
It was hard to laugh at comedic parts after seeing those other characters die!

In general, it was a pretty straightforward anime, and it was so much fun while it lasted. It keeps you on edge with your eyes glued to the screen, and if you binge it, you wouldn’t notice that you’re already almost finished with it! How about you? Have you seen Battle Game In 5 Seconds? Tell us your thoughts in the comments, and let’s have a discussion! #

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