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Top 5 Anime Characters Who Shouldn’t Have Died

A lot of anime shows, especially action-filled ones, have a fair share of character deaths. Some of them really deserved to end up in such a horrific fate, while others should really have had the chance to live a more peaceful life instead. Here are some characters whose deaths were totally unwarranted:

Neji (Naruto Shippuden)

Hyuuga Neji - Naruto
Neji’s death is both totally unexpected and unwarranted.

Neji started out as a minor antagonist from the original Naruto series, but he slowly learned to be a good guy and became one of Naruto’s strongest allies. A master of the Hyuuga clan’s strongest techniques, Neji was touted to be a prodigy even as a child, and he grew even stronger under the tutelage of his uncle.

His byakugan gives him near 360-degree vision and is said to be almost perfect that he practically had no blind spots, unlike the other users of the doujutsu. Aside from his near-perfect vision, he was quite proficient in using “rotation,” undoubtedly one of the best defenses in all of the series (not as flashy as Gaara’s sand and Uchiha’s Susanoo, but it’s said to be just nearly as effective). With both techniques combined, he should have been able to see and defend those huge branches coming right at him. It’s quite surprising and sad to see him pass away like that.

Junpei and His Mother (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Itadori and Junpei - JJK
This scene from the opening song was extremely misleading.

Junpei faced hardships every day because of his bullies at school. At the peak of their bullying, they framed Junpei for assaulting a girl just so they can beat him up and burn his face with cigarettes. The scars from those burns never healed nor faded, and Junpei was forced to be reminded it happened every time he looked at himself in the mirror.

Yoshino Nagi - Jujutsu Kaisen
Nagi does everything for her son.

The only thing that kept Junpei going was his love for his mother (and later his friendship with Itadori, too). However, his mother was killed through Mahito’s schemes, and Junpei totally lost it. He fell right into Mahito’s traps and was later turned into his “puppet.” Itadori had no choice but to deal the last blow to his newfound friend and prevent him from suffering even more.

Hamon (Black Clover)

Hamon Caseus - Black Clover
Hamon was among the few Golden Dawn members who were friends with the Black Bulls.

As a member of the Golden Dawn, Hamon had an elite background and was totally formidable in battles. He was quite strong and wealthy, but unlike his fellow Golden Dawn members, he held no prejudice against Asta and Yuno’s background as peasants. He didn’t hold them up in high regard, but he held a neutral stance at the very least when other nobles tried to bring them down.

Being chill could have been his motto because he remained calm almost in all situations as long as there’s food. He especially adored Charmy, Asta’s fellow Black Bull member, because of their shared love for food, or “noms” as they call it. That’s why it came as a surprise that he was among the casualties of Zenon’s attack on the Golden Dawn’s base. He was friendly and nice to everyone, so it’s quite heartbreaking to see his badly injured corpse after the massacre.

Ponzu and Pokkle (Hunter x Hunter)

Pockle and Ponzy - Hunter x Hunter
Ponzu and Pockle could have been a cute couple, but HxH isn’t a romance anime.

Ponzu and Pockle were minor characters who took the Hunter Exam at the same as Gon and the gang. Pockle, with his agility and archery skills, was able to pass (partly thanks to Killua’s mercy), but Ponzu failed even though her ability to control bees was quite fearsome too. The two of them reappeared in the Chimera Ant arc, and that was when they met their demise.

Ponzu was captured by the ants and was said to be immediately killed and eaten on the spot. Pockle was able to put up a decent fight and was able to enter the Chimera Ants’ lair, but he was eventually captured too and met a fate far crueler than death. The last time he was seen, he was stripped off of his clothes while bathing in an unidentified liquid. Neferpitou was performing a lobotomy on his head to try to learn the secrets of Nen. It was said that Pockle’s body was butchered and was later fed to the Queen.

Ash (Banana Fish)

Ash Lynx - Banana FIsh
Ash found some brief happiness, but he totally deserved more.

Almost everyone from Banana Fish has a painful past memory to tell, and Ash, one of the two main characters, is no exception. He grew up with Dino, a perverted druglord who violated him as a child and a teen. It’s no surprise that he was groomed to be an assassin even at a young age. He found some happiness when he met Eiji, the other protagonist, and the two of them formed a bond that can never be severed by anyone, not even death perhaps.

Eiji was about to temporarily go back to Japan, and as Ash was about to rush to the airport to bid his friend goodbye, he was stabbed in the stomach and later bled to death. The saddest part about this is the fact that Eiji was oblivious of what happened and perhaps only learned about it when he arrived in Japan. A few years later, the manga (Volume 19) revealed that Eiji collected the pictures he took of Ash and put up a small gallery in his memory.

Wait for Part 2!

This list only consists of a few characters who deserved a better life but were given death instead. There are plenty more examples that weren’t included, so we plan to make a second part. If you wish to add anyone to the list, feel free to drop the name of the character on the comments section below. We will be more than happy to include them in the second part of this blog! #

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