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Ranking Non-Canon Female Characters in “Naruto”

The whole Naruto franchise has a total of 720 episodes (220 on the original Naruto series and another 500 for Naruto Shippuden). Although it’s definitely one of the longest mainstream anime, the series is also among the shows that have a whopping number of filler episodes. Out of the 720, almost 300 or more than 40 percent were fillers.

Thankfully, some of the filler arcs were so well-written that they introduce a few interesting characters. The best non-canon female characters, who obviously only exist in filler arcs and episodes, are listed below:

5 – Hotaru

Hotaru and Utakata
Hotaru is said to be a vessel of some power strong enough to destroy Konoha.

Fans of the franchise are no stranger to painful backstories, and Hotaru’s past is definitely one of them. A kunoichi from the small Tsuchigomo village, Hotaru is the vessel of a destructive and massively explosive technique that destroys her own body along with everything within a certain radius. She was kept hidden because of her powers, but she still became friends with Utakata, the six-tail jinchuuriki.

It was obvious that Hotaru and Utakata had a tumultuous love affair. He taught her basic water jutsu to protect herself, and she considered him a master. They were always reluctant to confess and parted ways a couple of times, but when they finally agreed to meet again, Utakata was already captured and slain by Pain.

4 – Sasame

Sasame is hellbent on finding her cousin that she’s willing to betray Naruto.

Sasame was a member of the old Fuma clan, and her cousin and other relatives were tricked by Orochimaru. She was saved by Naruto’s group after she got caught in a rope trap. Thinking she was weak and fragile, Naruto and the others thought it would be best to protect her as she wanders inside Orochimaru’s lair. She was adamant about reaching her goals that she was forced to betray the group, but they forgave her and treated her as an ally.

It was a painful arc to watch. Sasame’s cousin, Arashi, was already entranced by Orochimaru’s words and was already beyond saving. All she could do was watch him take his last breath with a smile on his face.

3 – Yakumo

Yakumo is Kurenai’s student and was adept in genjutsu.

Kurenai is touted to be Konoha’s genjutsu expert, so when a gifted genjutsu user was born, she was tasked to become her master. The name of the child was Yakumo, a member of the famed Kurama clan. She was incredibly fragile, but the illusions that she creates through her painting are nigh inescapable unless the victim is equally adept in genjutsu. In Konoha, only Kurenai can rival her powers. So, when Yakumo sought revenge on her, both their skills were put to the test.

2 – Hanare

Hanare will forever be remembered as the one who accidentally kissed Kakashi.

A spy from the Jomae village, Hanare infiltrated Konoha to get information. She was captured, but her memory-erasing technique came in handy that she was unable to disclose anything to the investigation team. Inoichi used the Yamanaka clan’s jutsu, and the only thing he found out was Hanare’s connection to Kakashi. A young Kakashi found Hanare crying and carried her back to her village. Even using her memory-erasing technique, Hanare was afraid to and possibly hellbent not to forget that moment.

As adults, Kakashi and Hanare fought because of their loyalty to their respective villages. Kakashi caught Hanare in a cliff only to let her go eventually after she said that she had erased all the information she learned about Konoha.

1 – Guren

Guren, without a doubt, is one of the strongest filler characters.

Gifted with a rare kekkei genkai, Guren is a formidable opponent who used to be Orochimaru’s ally. Her crystal release jutsu made her incredibly powerful and ruthless in battles, but her heart slowly softened after meeting Yukimaru, a shinobi believed to have the power to control the three-tailed beast. Guren’s goal was to free Yukimaru, and she’s willing to side with Orochimaru to do that. She and her team duked it out with Kakashi and several others, and the team from Konoha ninja obviously had a hard time.

Guren’s battle prowess is nothing to be scoffed at. She subdued a tailed beast by encasing it in a large crystal cage, and she was also able to trap the whole Konoha team in a massive barrier. She could even create clones out of crystals; each of her crystal clones possessed enough powers to capture and crystallize Hinata. She had to give up on defeating Kakashi’s team, though, and she ended up having a civil relationship with them. When Naruto was announced to be the Hokage, Guren and Yukimaru were in the crowd.

Who’s Your Favorite Non-Canon Female Character in Naruto?

We might have missed a few awesome female characters that only exist in filler arcs and episodes. Do tell us in the comments section, and let’s have a discussion! #

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