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The Best 2020 Anime You Might Have Missed

The greatest thing about the anime industry is its constant drive for improvement in the sense that the current year is always trying to be better than the previous one. Of course, 2020 last year has been a bumpy ride for everyone in the world: the pandemic affected the lives of literally all people. As predicted, there are a lot of anime shows that were canceled or got delayed.

Even so, no one can object that 2020 was a great year for anime nonetheless. In fact, there are plenty of wonderfully written and executed shows to watch. It’s not surprising that some of them, like the ones listed below, might have gone under your radar.

Koisuru Asteroid

Asteroid in Love
Mira and Ao were separated by fate, but the stars guided them back to each other.

Koisuru Asteroid tells the story of young dreamers, Mira and Ao. The two girls accidentally met while slacking off from their camping trip and discovered their mutual love for the stars. Because they didn’t know each other, they had to separate that night and only meet (accidentally again) many years later when they’re already in high school. They still harbor the memories from that day, as well as the love that they have for celestial bodies visible in the night sky. It’s a beautiful chronicle of their lives as the two of them face hardships, both little and big, while trying to reach the stars they both love.

Id: Invaded

ID: Invaded
Id:Invaded really showed that the forest is a great place to hide a tree in.

The world of Id:Invaded is a complex one. In the anime, it’s possible for some individuals to “invade” a person’s id (read Freud). This specific part of a person’s consciousness dictates their strongest desires, such as having sex or committing the most heinous of crimes. With the help of a machine that invades a person’s id, special members of the police department are tasked to track down criminals and prove their drive to commit horrendous acts against another person. It wasn’t an easy journey, but Sakaido, the main character, is willing to go through any pain just to achieve his main goal.

Akudama Drive

Akudama Drive
Cyberpunk drama Akudama Drive features the stories of several criminals.

Even though Akudama Drive won AniTrendz’s Anime of the Year award, it’s still true that the cyberpunk series is a pretty underrated one. If you haven’t seen the anime, you’re missing out on top-notch animation and music. Apart from that, you’re sleeping on a totally compelling and intriguing story of criminals called Akudama as they try to dutifully complete their mission that can result in their freedom. Most of them are skilled fighters and formidable in strategic battles, but the police who are after their tails are just as fearsome. When the two groups end up clashing, chaos surely follows!

(Fun fact: In the whole anime, no single character was ever given a name. The only other show we know that has this kind of setup is Goblin Slayer)


Natsume became a great fighter despite missing an arm.

Deca-Dence features a story of a young and ambitious girl as she tries to become one of the “tanks,” or people who are tasked to defend the dome base. The anime is set in the far future where almost everything and everyone had perished. The last few people and animals were all living inside the dome, which should be protected from monsters called “Gadolls.” Natsume thought she isn’t fit for any other job, and so she did everything she could to get to the ranks of the tanks. It wasn’t an easy journey, obviously, and her determination and willpower alone might not be enough.

Appare Ranman

Appare might have been a genius, but he realized he has a lot to learn too.

Appare-Ranman is another tale of a genius boy who dreams to achieve the greatest of things. For the titular character, Appare, he can start by building his own car and proving that it’s the fastest among the current vehicles available in the world. His car, built from wood and scrap metal, is indeed fast and sturdy and definitely on par with other automobiles made from high-quality tools and materials. Even so, he learned after all the troubles that he’d been true that his confidence and genius intellect aren’t enough to save him from harm. He understood the most important lessons he can never learn from books: humility and trust.

What’s Your Favorite Underrated Anime of 2020?

Of course, this list is incomplete. We want to hear your thoughts. Which underrated anime of 2020 did we miss? Comment below and let’s have a discussion. #

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