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Anime Protagonists With the Highest Kill Count

It’s not unusual for some anime characters to be relentless and brutal, especially when trying to reach their own ambitions. When achieving their goals, they conduct heinous and unspeakable acts, including killing a high number of people. Of course, this is true for protagonists too, especially the ambitious ones, such as the ones listed below.

Light Yagami – Around 1,000

Light Yagami
It’s not easy to count how many people Light killed.

Possessing great powers takes quite a toll on a person’s mental capacity. So, in Light’s quest to rid the world off of the criminals and bad guys, he ended up killing around 1,000 individuals. It’s quite a high number for a high school student, but it’s pretty low compared to the other people on this list. However, counting all the people killed by “Kira,” Light Yagami’s alter ego, the number rises up a hundredfold.

The other people other than Light who used the name Kira under his permission include Takada Kiyomi and Mikami Teru. Collectively, the two of them ended the lives of over 100,000 people.

Lelouch – Over 2,000

Lelouch vi Brittannia
With the power of Geass, Lelouch commanded the killing of thousands of people.

Lelouch used to be an ordinary student at a prestigious school, but everything in his life changed when he met C.C. and was granted the power to control other people once using his “Geass.” He wanted to change the world for the better, which can be pretty noble from one perspective, and he’s willing to kill and be killed just to reach his goal.

The 2,000 kill count is a very generous estimate. After all, at one point, he accidentally ordered his sister to massacre all the people who attended their rally for peace. There were around 200,000 individuals in that stadium, and it’s highly unlikely that the majority of them were able to escape.

Lord Ainz – Over 70,000

Lord Ainz
One look at Lord Ainz is enough to tell he’s quite brutal.

Ainz is an interesting isekai character because he’s not afraid to become the villain in everyone else’s story. In his silly quest to try to dominate the world, he committed plenty of horrendous crimes to instill fear in everyone in his vicinity. He knows that his opponents are leagues weaker than him, but he’s not afraid to unleash his powers. He’s very much like a lion who goes all out just to kill a tiny hare.

The aristocrats thought that rounding up all the soldiers and launching a war against Lord Ainz would force him to submission, but, boy, they were wrong. The 70,000 soldiers that joined the battle were annihilated in a flash.

Alucard – Millions

Alucard’s red robe and hat symbolize the deaths of all the people he’s killed.

For insanely powerful vampires who have been living for over a millennium, it might seem pretty ordinary to kill quite a lot of people to eat and instill fear. However, Alucard takes it on another level by ending the lives of over three million individuals just because he wanted to. Most of his victims were killed swiftly with his gun, but others weren’t so lucky. Alucard, after all, is a fan of letting his enemies feel intense pain that they simply wish to die than to experience the rest of it.

Eren – 80% of Humanity

Eren Yeager
Eren used to be so cute.

Eren is one of the most complex and undoubtedly among the best-written anime characters. He used to be a child who dreamt of killing off the Titans. As he grew older, he became a Titan himself and eventually learned that the Titans were former humans, too. He had big goals he wanted to achieve, and he’s ready to commit genocide and eugenics just to get what he wanted. In the manga, it was said that he killed roughly 80% of all the humans at that time. It’s a pretty hard feat to beat for any other anime character.

Name an Anime Protagonist Who Should Be Included in the List!

It’s not easy to find estimates on how many people did an anime character kill, so it’s obvious that this list is incomplete. If you know an anime protagonist who might have a high kill count, feel free to write their names in the comments section! #

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