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Age Is Just a Number: The Strongest Geezers in Anime

With age comes experience, and with experience comes wisdom and strength. In anime, it’s been proven time and again that old people are the best, and one would definitely think twice before messing with them. Here are a few of the old-timers who can definitely fold their opponents in no time:

Master Roshi (Dragon Ball)

Master Roshi
Master Roshi is one of the OGs of the “strong old people” trope.

It would be best not to underestimate Master Roshi even though it’s been said that he’s already around 300 years old. Despite his advanced age, he still was able to take out plenty of his opponents in the Tournament of Power. To put things into perspective, those warriors that he defeated are said to be the strongest in their respective universes! Well, what else can we expect from the man who trained Goku himself? For the longest time, Master Roshi held the position of being the strongest human until one of his students, Krillin, arguably stole the title.

Gran Torino (Boku no Hero Academia)

Gran Torino
Gran Torino is acquainted with three One For All wielders.

Gran Torino’s real age has never been revealed, but it’s safe to assume that he’s already in his late 60s or early 70s, give or take a few years. Despite his having wrinkly skin, a walking cane, and an achy back, Gran Torino can still take out quite a few villains without breaking a sweat! Even All Might, his student and once the strongest hero, trembles in fear (and respect, of course) every time he hears Gran Torino’s name.

The old man is a master of agility and quick attacks. His quirk gives him the power to emit jet-like exhaust from the soles of his feet, and he masterfully uses it to quickly get from one place to another. He’s so swift that villains would be dropping like flies on the ground before they even realize what hit them. Even Midoriya with One For All couldn’t keep up with Gran Torino at one point!

Bang and Bomb (One Punch Man)

Bang and Bomb
Bang and Bomb are still kicking in their 80s.

Bang and Bomb are brothers who made their name well-known in the Martial Arts world. Bang, now 81, is revered as the third strongest in the Hero Association. Bomb, the 83-year-old big brother, didn’t go down the heroic path but is just as strong as Bang if not even stronger. In the anime and manga, the two of them managed to take out Elder Centipede with the help of Genos. If not for the monster’s ability to regenerate, the Bang-and-Bomb duo could have added a Dragon-level creature to the list of the villains they’ve defeated.

Master Genkai (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Master Genkai
Master Genkai train the strongest warriors in Yu Yu Hakusho.

Master Genkai is possibly the only woman on this list, but she’s definitely one of the strongest. In the anime, she is well-known for being among the most powerful, at least until the S-class demons were introduced in the latter part of the series. It was said that her old age has greatly diminished her skills and battle prowess, but she’s still quite formidable in the ring. In the Dark Tournament arc, she was just constantly toying with her opponents. At one point, she even regained her youthful appearance after consuming the spirit energy of one of her unlucky enemies.

After supposedly retiring, she trained some of the demons who became friends with Yusuke and the gang. Each of her students surpassed her and later turned to become S-class demons themselves.

Yamamoto (Bleach)

Yamamoto has been the leader of the Gotei 13 for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Yamamoto, without a doubt, is one of the strongest characters in Bleach. He heads the Gotei 13, which means that he’s easily the strongest among the captains, including Zaraki and Unohana. Arguably, every Shinigami in the anime is old because all of them lived for centuries already, but Yamamoto is among those who have the most experience in battles. He also trained two of the oldest captains, Kyoraku and Ukitake, both of whom playfully call him “Yama-jii.”

The skills that this old man possesses are just above the charts. His swordsmanship is unmatched by anyone, except for a handful of other characters. His speed, defense, and intellect in battle are pretty much the best, as well. His bankai is so strong that it’s said that it can burn the whole Soul Society if he unleashes its full power. That’s why almost everyone is careful not to get on Yama-jii’s bad side.

Name a Geezer That We Missed!

If you think there are other old guys and girls who are strong enough to be included in this list, don’t hesitate to tell us! Comment your top picks, and let’s have a discussion. #

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